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We moved to the 'country' when I was six, I was captivated even then and have never looked back. I grew up surrounded by animals of all kinds and was fascinated by them all.

"The Homesteading Prepper" is the brainchild of prolific author JanMarie Kelly.

JanMarie has been 'homesteading' and 'prepping' since long before it was "the thing to do".  Growing up, on a small homestead, JanMarie helped with the extra large family garden, the canning and the preparing and storing of food for the winter. There was also the mending of clothes, the caring for animals and the maintaining of home and property - you didn't just buy new or hire other's to do it for you. It was your way of life.

As an adult JanMarie has carried on the family traditions and lifestyle and has begun to share her knowledge with others who have recently come to realize that with the state of the nation (and world) this may be the way to start living.

Combining her love for writing, her passion for animals and her dedication to self-sufficiency, and helping people unlock the full potential of their lifestyles - JanMarie has begun publishing articles, a blog, journals and books on this wonderfully amazing way of life... just like a true "homestead prepper"!

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