The Year Of The Famine

It has been a rough year for our crops. Most of the fruit trees have dried up and not produced any fruit for us. The grapes barely got started when the extreme heat and lack of rain had them shriveling and dropping from their vines. We did get a few containers of blueberries before they surrendered to the intense heat and drought like conditions, but our other berry bushes did not produce but a taste or two in the early part of the season.

Our vegetable crops are doing a little better, with the onions seeming to be our best producers. Our beans appear to be surviving ok and we hope to at least get a few meals worth from their vines.

Our tomatoes, though they have had plenty on the vines, were not ripening in the beginning and then giving way to rot as they started to ripen because of being on the vines too long.  We are hoping the next cycle of tomatoes will produce better results.

Looks like there will be no canning to speak of this year. Thank goodness we have some in reserves, but our goal was to stock the pantry to ease the burden of rising prices. Looks like we will not be able to do that this season.


My Little Romas


The new batch of tomatoes are coming in…


Hopefully the new round of tomatoes will survive better than the first few.

How is everyone else’s crops/orchards doing this season?  Have you had issues due to extreme heat and/or drought like circumstances?

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