Bridge Building (On A Rainy Saturday)

We built a bridge during the rain/storms Saturday. (Well got it started). We will have to wait until dryer days to finish it (adding the cement and the top part).

We did manage to get the drainage pipes in place and covered enough – just in time for the downpour… (the picture you see of Doug in the water is us after it lets up a bit, hauling logs to place on the dirt to keep in place until we can finish – man, I was covered in mud ’til we were done working in the rain & water.)

The dogs loved the new ‘pond’ they now have on the other side of the bridge where we dammed it up a bit (in hopes to slow the water flow and keep some of our dirt/banks from washing away like it had been). I will have to try to get a few pictures of that for the site as well (a little busy, barely had time to snap these to mark our progress).

Stay tuned for updates and the completion of our bridge/dam/waterfall.

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