How Our Modern Way of Living is Impairing Our Survival Instincts

Growing up on a homestead is a great way to instill a survival mentality.

Growing up on a homestead is a great way to instill a survival mentality.

Is it worrisome to anyone else how much society has become dependent upon modern day conveniences and ‘others’ for their day to day lives?

I mean, think about it, if we need a way to cook our food, heat our homes, get fresh drinking water, light our way, handle our waste, cool us off, figure out how to do something – what do we do?

We flip switches, push buttons, turn knobs, push handles and google it.

The ability to actually provide things for ourselves or even think for ourselves is dwindling away to almost non-existence.

Sure it’s great to have all the conveniences available to us, but what are the real costs of those conveniences? The costs are high and include the loss of survival instinct and the ability to care for oneself in times of difficulty.

Most people today just assume that if there is some big disaster there will be some government agency or organization that will swoop in and take care of their every need. Even though this thought process has been proven false time and time again. (At best you will get some small aid days or even weeks after your disaster has occurred.)

Others figure they have the money, they will just buy replacements or things that they need should the situation ever warrant such purchases. Do people not remember all the empty store shelves and extremely long gas lines (for a few gallons)? What if you have no way to even get to a store that may have items you need? What if power is out and you can’t get online to order your supplies?

Oh that’s right, you will sit in your dark, cold home and wait for the government to come and rescue you (while your children go hungry and the baby freezes to death).

Even excluding the ‘prepping’ side of things, our day to day lives are quickly destroying an entire generation’s ability to think through problems and find their own solutions. Instead we, as a society, either buy solutions or depend on others to provide the solutions for us — neither one of which are helpful in the long-term.

When is the last time you heard of people repairing things instead of just purchasing replacements? I’m sure it is not very often at all and is getting more rare by the year.

We really do need to get out of this replacement mindset of ours and start learning to actually fix things for ourselves. If there’s something you can’t fix then you need to use your brain and figure out a substitution solution.

It is all about using your brain to figure things out for yourself!

Not only could you possibly save money and gain some pride for your accomplishments, but you will also be preparing yourself for survival should the situation arise that keeps you from purchasing solutions from the local store.

It will be the inability to solve problems that will be the biggest setback in most peoples’ chance of survival. Even if you have stores of supplies, if you cannot think for yourself and problem solve you will not last much longer than those who have not stored anything.

Be a rebel – become a self-reliant problem solver!

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