The Frankenstorm Approaches

One of the biggest combination storms to hit the east coast in decades is hours away from slamming into our shores. The grocery store shelves are empty as are most hardware/home improvement stores. Thousands are evacuating their homes and thousands are boarding up and hunkering down to ride it out.

This is one of the events I had in mind when I started prepping years ago. And now it’s here. Will I be ready? Well, I didn’t have to rush to any stores like hundreds of other people. I didn’t have to be disappointed, frustrated or worried because the shelves were bare and I didn’t have what I needed for my family.  I was confident in knowing that we had plenty of supplies on hand should there be a lengthy disruption in the grocery stores being restocked. I was also confident that we had the necessary backups in place to provide the needed power for heat, cooking, light etc. should the power go out and remain out for any extended amount of time.

The only last minute preps we made were to clear the property of things that could become flying debris in the strong winds and to take a few preventive measures to help assure any water overflow would not come into the home (or if it did have things at the ready to quickly stop the flow and/or clean up what did come in).

We made sure all the vehicles were full of fuel well ahead of time, rechecked/stocked our B.O.B.s, double checked the pets’ BOBS and threw a few things in the Bug Out Vehicle of choice just in case we had to leave at the last minute.

Then we closed things up and kicked back and relaxed going about things pretty much as we would normally be doing.

Being prepared, though it doesn’t negate the disaster or ease any destruction that may come as a result, it does give you an added sense of calm and confidence that helps get you through with much less stress.

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